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Omamori Himari Season 1 Episode 7 The Feelings of a Cat and the Melancholy of a Magical Girl 2010

After the girls' research of Kuesu leads to them discovering that Kuesu's family rose to power as Demon Slayers using Western magic, Kuesu herself arrives to everyone's surprise, informing Yuto about their future marriage. Yuto, however, refuses to agree to it unless she can change her views about the Ayakashi. Following a brief scuffle between Kuesu and Rinko, Himari intervenes and mentions the three kisses she gave Yuto as well as the kiss she received from him to everyone's shock. Kuesu counters by telling them about the promise they have made, with Yuto clueless about what she is talking about. Later on after school, Himari faces off against Kuesu, gaining the upper hand with her agility. However, the battle is soon turned around when Kuesu starts to shoot Himari with her magic gun and casts a fire spell on the ground before Himari could attack, forcing her to use Yasutsuna as a step to escape the flames. Himari is soon hit by one of the bullets and quickly falls prey to its magic, causing her to go on a rampage. Just when she was about to kill Kuesu, she quickly remembers what Yuto had said to her back in Noihara and regains her sanity. Ashamed, Himari retreats from the battle, leaving a trembling Kuesu. Late at night, Yuto asks Shizuku where Himari has been and, after being told that she went off to fight Kuesu, an unconscious and beaten Himari appears in his bedroom to Yuto's shock.

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